Lusya 2A 4A 15A 25A EMI Electromagnetic Interference Filter Module AC Power Filter T1186


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  • Brand Name: LUSYA
  • Maximum Power Per Channel: Above 200W
  • Package: No
  • Channels: 1
  • Model Number: Power Filter Board
  • Type: Power Filter Board
  • Type 1: EMI

2A 4A 15A 25A EMI electromagnetic interference filter module


EMI power filter circuit introduction: The circuit consists of three parts, the first part is a differential mode filter part, the second part is a common mode filter circuit, the third part is insurance, and it is equipped with a fuse holder. Replaceable fuses of different specifications.
 The internal circuit of the two-stage composite EMI filter uses two-stage (also called two-stage) filtering, so the effect of filtering noise is better.
 Common mode inductors are available in 2A, 4A, 15A and 25A specifications.
2A standard configuration 2A common mode inductor filter
4A common mode inductor filter in 4A picture
15A flat copper strip common mode inductor in the picture
25A flat copper strip common mode inductor and iron silicon aluminum differential mode inductor
Note: 2A and 4A filters, standard 5A fuses, 15A and 25A filters, standard 20A fuses.
This module is used in conjunction with a decoder or power amplifier, which can filter high-frequency noise of the power supply, eliminate mains interference, and purify the power supply. It can significantly improve the sound quality of the power amplifier, improve resolution and quiet the background.

Package Included:
1pc Power filter board



The following is some common knowledge of high-frequency electromagnetic interference EMI filters.
  For high-frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI), generally three technologies can perform power supply filtering to suppress interference noise. In actual use, two or even multiple technologies are often used in combination. They are:
  1. Add a capacitor between the live and neutral wires of the power supply, that is, the X capacitor. X2 type is selected, its main function is to eliminate common mode interference, and the capacity range is 0.01UF — 0.47UF.
  2. Add a capacitor between the power line and the ground, that is, a Y capacitor. The Y2 type is selected to mainly eliminate crosstalk interference. The capacity range is 2200pF ~ 0.1μF. In order to reduce the leakage current, the capacitance should not exceed 0.1μF. This circuit board uses 3300PF.
  3. Common-mode suppression, common-mode inductance (suppression coils on two power lines). When the rated current is large, the diameter of the common-mode choke coil must also be increased accordingly in order to be able to withstand large currents. In addition, appropriately increasing the inductance can improve the low-frequency attenuation characteristics. This line uses 10MH.
4. Differential suppression, differential inductance, suppress series mode interference between power lines.


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