Inflatable Swimming Ring Toddler Training Baby Swimming Ring Child Swimming Pool Water Seat


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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Swimming Ring
  • Warning: NO
  • Age Range: 2-4 Years
  • Age Range: 5-7 Years
  • Age Range: 8~13 Years
  • Theme: Sports
  • Support: Wholesale/Dropshiping


This is an advanced inflatable swimming ring for infants and young children. Thickened PVC, thickened anti-pressure material, leak-proof inflatable nozzle valve. Double wings prevent rollover, you can rotate the steering wheel, press the horn to make a sound, and enjoy the childlike fun.

100% brand new and high quality. Suitable for babies from 5 to 36 months.

Swimming and splashing: You can train your baby to swim, and moderate swimming is good for your baby’s healthy growth. Play in the water, enjoy the fun of playing in the water with your baby, and enhance the parent-child relationship.

Rugged: Environmentally friendly PVC material with high toughness and strength. Safe and durable with strong buoyancy support.

Safe material: non-toxic, no heavy metals: PVC fabric is preferred, BPA is rejected. Non-toxic and free of heavy metals, allowing children to play healthily and happily.

Double-wing anti-rollover: The crescent-shaped double-wing design on both sides can resist the impact of the surrounding water and prevent the baby from rolling over. Resist water flow to prevent rollover.

Rotatable steering wheel: The exquisite and rotatable steering wheel design allows children to experience the feeling of driving in water and more of a childhood satisfaction. Happy water drive.

Sounding horn: Pressing the horn will make a “pit” sound, let the baby bloom in the water to the fullest, leaving the baby with a beautiful childhood. Press to speak to enjoy the childishness.

Intimate small backrest: the tail-backrest design makes it easy for the baby to lean back and rest. The soft and comfortable design makes the baby more at ease.

Smooth and comfortable seat pocket: The smooth and comfortable seat pocket has a smooth and smooth design, which fits the baby’s hip shape and gently wraps the baby’s ass. It’s not a fart, a perfect fit.

Reinforced edge design: professional pressing technology, thickened edge pressing to prevent edge leakage, further ensuring safety. Smooth edges will not hurt the baby.

Use occasions: beach vacation, swimming pool, inflatable swimming pool, swimming training.

Cool car and yacht shape: give your baby a cool and beautiful splashing experience.


Material: PVC

Suitable crowd: baby

Inflatable outer diameter: 65 * 65cm

Inflatable inner diameter: 24 * 20cm

Recommended age: 1-3 year old baby


1 matters needing attention

① This product does not include an air pump, please purchase it yourself.

②Please fill in the environment with a little bit high temperature 24 hours after receiving the goods for the first time. When the temperature is low, the inflatable toy will become hard.

③ Inflate the right amount, do not get too full. The maximum inflation volume should not exceed 90% to prevent damage.

Never jump on inflatable products.

 Never place the aerated product near flames and hot objects.

Avoid damage to the surface of inflatable toys by sharp objects.

2 Patching instructions

After the product is inflated, detect the leak point with a water basin, find the leak point and record the location of the leak, insert the gas nozzle with a vent tube to deflate, and apply a little glue on the leak point, expose it for about 30 minutes, and touch the repaired place. If it is dry, you can inflate again, and the repair is complete.

3 Advantages of PVC products

1) The product uses ultra-strong thermal carbon tough polymer PVC, adopts world-class seam process, completely streamlined design, strict testing according to international standards. The scientific design makes it not only have the beautiful shape of today’s toys, but also more comfortable than ordinary toys. After non-toxic wear resistance and low temperature test.

2) Non-toxic safety: adopt streamlined design without any protrusions to protect children’s safety. After American and European children’s toys including non-toxic safety tests, it fully meets the most stringent US and European standards.

3) Beautiful and convenient: Inflatable toys have small storage volume and light weight. Children can fold them up and pack them in their backpacks after playing in parks or suburbs.


100% brand new and high quality. Suitable for babies from 5 to 36 months.

Swimming and splashing.


Safe material.

Double-wing anti-rollover.

Rotatable steering wheel.

Sounding horn.

Intimate small backrest.

Smooth and comfortable seat pocket.

Reinforced edge design.

Use occasions.

Cool car and yacht shape.

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1*swimming ring

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