HIFI 30W boutique o-type transformer output double 8V and double 16V two specifications


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  • Brand Name: weiliang audio
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER
  • Model Number: transformer
  • Package: Yes
  • Channels: transformer
The type O power transformer is made of completely non-cutting iron core made of high magnetic flux silicon steel band. The transformer made of this round section iron core has small volume and good electrical performance. It is an ideal transformer. Compared with the ring transformer: a. the average coil turn length is reduced by 11.4% to 30%; B. No bending Angle of the coil, resulting in more uniform magnetic field distribution. Structural features: iron core without fracture; The section is nearly round. Oblate structure, shorter in height and larger in diameter; More uniform, less magnetic flux leakage. Compared with the r-type transformer, the coil is not restricted by the frame, and the coil is close to the core, the coupling is better and the efficiency is higher. The mellow degree of o-type transformer has obvious difference in actual comparison.
Type O type transformer
Iron core material type A
The winding is made of pure copper wire
Output voltage 16VX2 four wire or 8VX2 four wire
Lead color green – green – blue – blue
Lead length 200mm
Frequency of 50 ~ 60 hz
No load current <6mA
Temperature rise < 55 ℃
500 VDC > 100 m Ω insulation
Insulation grade primary – secondary: 3750V/3mA/5S
Primary – ground: 1500V/3mA/5S
Secondary – ground: 1500V/3mA/5S
Magnetic leakage protection
The overall dimensions are 30X84mm
Install size M6 screws
Weight 0.55 KG
Packing transformer 1, screw 1, flat pad 1 piece, spring pad 1 piece, rubber pad 2 pieces, iron cover 1 piece
Wiring instructions:
The primary is 2 groups of 115V windings, when 110V is used, two red lines and two black lines are short-connected, respectively, to connect 110V input
For 220V, one black and one red shall be insulated and the other black and one red shall be insulated for 220V input
The secondary four-line method is changed to three-line method. In the middle, one blue and one green short line is made into 0, forming blue-blue-green-green, corresponding to 16-0-16
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