42mm Diameter Round PMMA Plastic Fresnel Condensing Lens Focal Length 40mm for VR box 3Dglass Plane Magnifier Solar Concentrator


996 in stock


996 in stock

  • Usage: Optical
  • Shape: Plano
  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Focal Length: 40mm
  • Model Number: MYlens-D42F40
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Structure: plane
  • Material: PMMA
42mm Diameter Round PMMA Plastic Fresnel Condensing Lens Focal Length 40mm for VR box 3Dglass Plane Magnifier Solar Concentrator

focal length:40mm
facet spacing:0.3mm

feature and advantages:

1.high light transmittance
2.limpid transparent
3.high light penetrability,more brighter
4.high quality competitive price.
5.caring service.
6.custom size.
Our company produce Fresnel lens which uses in the stage shooting .and may compounds the Distance research and development according to the customer request and the photosource, designs each kind to project the Angle Fresnel lens .
The Fresnel lense can be designed and manufactured in very large sizes with light weight due to less than 4mm thickness, so the cost will be lower than traditional magnifiers. In contrast, a conventional glass lens would be 200mm thick at the edge, weigh over 50kgs and cost thousand of dollars.
company advantages:
1. We are one of the leading fresnel lens manufacturers in China, with 100 employees and 15 senior engineers.
2. Being in this field for about 10 years, we successfully exported products to USA,Germany,France,Brazil,Italy,Turkey and so on.Our clients include Carl zeiss and 3Dlens.
3. We are ISO9001, ROHS, CE, Factory Audit certified.
4. Our R&D center has powerful research ability,OEM orders are available.
5. Inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours
Best advantage is : we can make mould by ourselves, so we can customize fresnel lens according to your design.

_________The Important explanation:
If you want to buy the Fresnel Lens to DIY the simple projector,when you buy them before that please read the Explanation:).
If you hope when you DIY the simple projector that you can got a Professional projector or hope the projection effect like the Professional projetor ,please read the words :
When you used the Fresnel Lens or the magnifying glass to DIY the simple projector that the goods just can prove the projection principle,some times due to the brightness for the Mobile phone and some other factors that when you DIY can't got the Professional projection effect,the phenomenon is normal,because the brightness for the Professional projector is 200~300 Watt,but our mobile phone just have hundreds of milliwatts,Hope you can understanding the reason for the  gap between for the DIY and the Professional projector.
_________Some Person will fell so strange:What is the Before and after Fresnel Lens? 
The construction for all Lens machine is Before and after Fresnel Lens be sell In the marketplace,it is can  perfect corrective and magnified effect of image.
But some mobile phone or PAD or some LCD panel can support the single Fresnel Lens so you can choose by yourself.


The location for the Before Fresnel Lens:It is 
Close to the camera installed between the lens and LCD screen.
The location for the After Fresnel Lens:It is Installed between the bulb and the LCD panel.
__________Friendship tips:
When you need let the Fresnel Lens become to  smaller or drilling,please on the side of Smooth the surface to Prevent damage of Fresnel lens rupture,the Trapezoidal correction range can't too big that will let the picture breezing.

The Fresnel lens is simple introduction

Fresnel lenses are molded from precision optical-grade acrylic.The surface of a Fresnel lens is molded into many circular,concentric ridges.These circular ridges give the Fresnel lens a zigzag or sawtooth cross-section.Each sawtooth creates a tiny prism.Fresnel lenses are a compromise between efficiency and image quality.High groove density allows higher quality images.while low groove density yields better efficiency.By choosing appropriate powers for these prisms,designers can define the focal length and control image quality.LED magnifier, fresnel lens solar energy, rear projection fresnel screen,fresnel solar concentrator,fresnel magnifier,camera fresnel spotlight and so on.


As early as the 18th century (1748), it is found that the traditional energy refraction lens only occurred on the surface and remove as much of the middle part, and retain the surface curvature, formed a thin flat lens, can still maintain good energy transmittance.

Fresnel lens to form a thin flat lens, its profile look like a sawtooth shape, but in fact every adjacent blade Angle is constantly changing, the Angle of the change is in order to focus light converge to the same place.

Classification of Fresnel lens:

According to its focus in different shapes, can be divided into point focusing Fresnel lens and line focus Fresnel lens.

Point focusing Fresnel lens:

Look from the front like a dart set, is composed of a ring a ring concentric circles:

Linear Fresnel lens is relative to the point of focus in terms of Fresnel lens, its positive shape look like shutter, look from the profile, Is also the point of changing the sawtooth shape, unlike disc Fresnel lens, this lens focus light to form a straight line:

Fresnel lenses are most often used in light gathering applications,such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. Fresnel lenses can also be used as magnifiers or projection lenses.This Lens is also great for the fine print in books, magazines,maps,telephone directories,recipes,etc. This can really be a great and creative gift to children as a toy and senior people who need visual aid.



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